• Flex 60 (XF-R)

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    XF-R (noun) - X-Fast Release flex is engineered for maximum energy output with minimal effort.


    This stick is made through the true carbon compression molding process which gives young intermediate players the real responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom. The Flex 60 "XFR" comes with the X-Fast flex release profile and is engineered for maximum energy output with minimal effort. Extra reinforced blade and switch blade elliptical shaft construction increases puck control and shot power as well as accuracy. Carbon fiber 18k shaft and blade extends the life of the stick, and improves the overall durability and weight reduction. Our E-Blade technology in the SX3 blade reduces blade weight and most importantly increases blade durability.


    Flex: 60
    Intermediate hockey stick
    Construction: One-piece full 18k carbon fiber
    Weight: 365 grams
    Shaft Dimensions: 62" length with square concave shaft
    Blade Pattern: SX3 (similar to Hall/Sakic)
    Flex Point: low kick
    Hand: Left hand or Right hand
    Grip: None