Choosing the right Flex for your hockey stick

The flex of a hockey stick is very important. The right amount of flex can help improve the power and accuracy of every shot in hockey - even for younger players! Too little flex can negatively impact power and accuracy. 

How to choose the right Flex

A general rule, as a starting point, is to pick a flex that is half your body weight however height also plays an important factor. If you weigh 40 pounds then start at flex 20. From that point if you think an adjustment in flex is needed, you can use the following guidelines to calculate a better flex for you:
• +10 flex if you are strong and know how to shoot well.
• +10 flex if you take a lot of slapshots.

Remember that flex is also personal preference, but we find this formula to be quite accurate among most younger hockey players.

Does cutting a hockey stick affect Flex?

As a general rule every 2 inches you cut off will increase the flex by 10. A flex 30 stick cut down 2 inches will now be a 40 flex hockey stick.

Please see our chart below to help you find the right stick for your needs: