Sniper Hockey was created to inspire the next generation of young hockey players to help them become better through our innovative products. We were once players that had to use wooden sticks cut down from our fathers to play the game. Having a stick like that in our hands was like using a steel rod on the ice. Now with our technology we have been able to create a stick for the youth and junior hockey players that will work for them - not against them!

Are you familiar with the Flex rule?
The rule of flex is simple - Your hockey stick flex should be less than half your body weight for maximum performance! This means a person weighing 40lbs should have a Flex 20 and there are very few options in today's market so we have solved that issue. Most people can find a Flex 40 but since Youth and Junior players tend to be shorter you have to cut off 4" or more. This cutting of the shaft now makes it near a Flex 60 as every 2” cut from a shaft is 10 Flex. The only option was to develop a stick with a lower flex and shorter shaft.

We realized there were hundreds of options for flex 50+ sticks for intermediate/senior players but what about the youth/junior players? We discovered there were not many options when searching the market for hockey sticks with proper flex for younger players. We recognized there was a challenge in the market so we created our company to help younger players achieve their goals - to become better hockey players!

Our company stands behind the quality of our products which is why we offer a 60 day warranty on our hockey sticks. Simply keep your original purchase receipt, warranty number, and contact us.

Pick-up a Sniper Hockey stick today and Witness the POWER!!